Having adopted a new technology under the name of “Silente”, Bauwerk is breaking new ground. Silente products follow the “Cradle to Cradle®” design principle. “Cradle to cradle” stands for a closed raw material cycle and a respective quality assurance process.


Parquet for generations
Bauwerk parquet is designed to last. it should never become a waste product or consume unnecessary or environmentally harmful energy. Raw materials are preserved and the resource water is treated with consideration. Bauwerk acts in a fair and socially responsible manner, both within the company and in public.

EPEA switzerland is assisting Bauwerk in its implementation of the cradle to cradle® vision and supporting the company during the certification process by the cradle to cradle® product innovation institute. Raw materials are analysed as to their composition and environmental impact and traced back to their origin. During the certification process for Bauwerk’s new silente technology, both the suppliers and Baurwerk’s manufacturing facilities were subjected to close scrutiny.

Cradle to cradle certificateTM – silver level
Bauwerk floors that incorporate the new silente technology can easily be dismantled and returned to the company. thanks to the new “silente-Matte”, the parquet can be taken up without any effort. All components can be either reconditioned or recycled for new products. Bauwerk products that incorporate the silente technology are made exclusively from materials that are safe for both humans and the environment.

thanks to this closed cycle, Bauwerk conserves the valuable resource wood and acts in the interest of future generations.

The “Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM” silver award for Silente products confirms

  • the use of healthy, non-hazardous materials
  • the subsequent use of all materials in a closed cycle
  • the validation of renewable energy
  • environmentally compatible water management
  • social responsibility
C2C Certified Silver